WTF? Trouble In The Camp Of Chocolate City Label!

Every label has its own ups and downs and it seems the label in-line to experience little issue is Chocolate City.

Popular Rapper M.I is the person currently heading Chocolate City, a label that also has establish artistes aside Kimani.

It is rumored that the American-born Kenya singer is currently planning her exit from the record label.

Meanwhile, for her first album, the singer has been doing a lot of collaboration and this time she worked with American rapper, T.I

Since she joined the label four years ago, the first lady of chocolate city has released six singles but currently warming up for her first album.

Although, many has mentioned that she is not properly managed in her record label, whilst she hasn’t been able to reach her full potential.

While the label’s management has incessantly debunked the tale of her moving out soon, the singer has been mute about it all.

Admits the whole rumor, the label’s management was asked about the singers contract status, and an answer was denied. This has given room for suspicions that something is really not right in the camp of Chocolate city.

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