Woman Explains Why A Man You Love Might Not Be Good For You


When 38-year old Stacey Baker’s fiancé said he wasn’t ready for marriage and dumped her just before their wedding, she probably couldn’t see the brighter side. She had made preparations and even bought a $3500 wedding dress but Brad had other ideas, he dumped her and moved to California from where he called her just three months later to say he was engaged to someone he had just met.

Surprisingly, her family was glad it happened; they thought Brad was impulsive and immature. In her memoir, Knot the One: Why Getting Dumped Before My Wedding Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me, Stacey, who is also a blogger, reveals that her fiancé proposed to her with a Tacori diamond ring while they were on a Caribbean cruise in 2006.


She was 29-years-old at the time and working as a high-powered attorney at the now-defunct financial firm Lehman Brothers in Manhattan, and now recalls how she felt like she had everything she ever wanted at her fingertips. The hunky, six-foot-tall California native told her one day in November that he wasn’t ready to get married.

‘An hour later, he apologized and said that of course he loved me, he was just confused about whether he was ready to get married right now’. They continued to date for a short while but decided to end the relationship for good. Brad got married not too long after but the marriage ended in divorce six months later, now Stacey is glad their marriage never happened because it could have been her with a divorce. On her would-be wedding day in August 2007, she attended a friend’s wedding with Jonny, whom she had always had a crush on as a teenager.

The couple got engaged two years later after Jonny proposed to her during a camp alumni weekend. They have now been married for five years, and live on Manhattan’s Upper East Side with their 19-month-old daughter, Ellie, and their dog, Wally. Stacey however shared her story to encourage all women that not everyone you love is right for you.

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