Why Artistes Signed To label Owned By Celebrated Artiste Make It

Nigeria is blessed with talents despite the misfortunes the country has been subjected to over the years.

One thing that has been common in Nigerian music industry is the fact that most artiste wants to own their record label.

The industry itself is competitive, it’s a situation of survival of the fittest, and there is no room for weaklings in the industry.

As competitive as it is, one needs to meet up to the pace or risk being irrelevant or unheard in the industry.

Record labels are filtered all around, but only a few understand the industry, its crook and crannies, only these experienced ones can succeed or make an artiste successful.

These days we discovered that most artists end up having labels even when they lack the necessities of doing so.

Research has it that most artistes with labels, who sign another artiste, hardly have time to promote and make those artistes successful like themselves.

The artiste under these labels are unable to reach their full potentials neither are they able to become big artistes like their boss.

Mavin is doing well because Don Jazzy is not an artiste, so he has been able to push all artiste out there.

With an exception of Olamide, who mostly stick his neck to push out his artiste at the detriment of his career, I don’t think another like him is out there.

The reason behind this flop is not far-fetched, this celebrated artiste, also want to push themselves out there, so there is limited time for concentration on other artiste under them.

To mention a few, some victim of this situation are artiste under EME, Chocolate City and Hypertek Label.

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