The Bitter Truth For Struggling Guys In Relationships

The Bitter Truth For Struggling Guys In Relationships
In life, there are two types of people as regards human reasoning; the idealist and the realist. People who hold idealist view of life see events that happen around them as ‘how things ought to be but are not’ while people who hold realist view of life see events that happen around them as ‘real facts or occurences’ and should be accepted without pretending as if we didn’t know that this is how things truly are!!!

With deep thoughts, I write this post. I am not afraid to face criticism; neither am I afraid to express my thoughts. I am a realist. I believe that events that happen around us as humans are real!!! Often times, things ‘ought to be’ in a particular way but in reality, they are not; so it becomes necessary to accept bitter and painful facts! Especially, when they are real!!!

We live in a material world and whether you like it or not, material things play a lot of important roles in our everyday life. As a struggling guy, loving only one girl whole-heartedly might end up leaving you with numerous emotional scars! . This is due to the high level of emotional pressure you would put in the relationship and the possible outcome of getting dumped, especially, when you don’t have the resources to spice up the relationship. A struggling guy with low funds would find it difficult to spice up his relationship even when he has the intention to do that . In order not to lose the girl, he might start being too protective/desparate and pester the girl with phone calls, texts messages and numerous ‘I love you’s’ in order to be assured that he is still loved! Common!!! That’s trash! Are you begging to be loved? After displaying all these, she would dispise you and might even dump you because the truth remains the same…relationships without trips, surprises and outings are as boring as hell!!! Pretend at your own risk!!! . If truth be told, all young ladies want the good things in life, even those that put up what I call ‘social media good face’. You cannot obtain total loyalty from a girl when you are lacking! Don’t make the mistake of trying to force her to be loyal; you cannot!!!

Women, sometimes need to feel jealous that their man could be taken anytime by another woman. This can put them back on track when they ‘backslide’ romantically…but this can only be made easy when you have the resources. She knows fully well that ladies will not flock around you if she leaves you today or tomorrow. Don’t love just one lady if you are still on ‘struggling mode’ . The love pressure you would mount on the relationship might make her get fed up quickly with you and eventually get your ass dumped painfully! Again, I am a realist and I am telling you that sooner than later, your ass will be dumped if you don’t have the resources to ‘oil’ the machines of relationships!

As a struggling guy, you should buckle or lace your shoes and tighten your belt very well. You must set your priorities right. There is what economists call ‘scale of preference’. What is on top of your scale of preference? Is it your education or career? Or is it trying to please a girl with your meagre earnings all in the name of seeing her pleased with you? Do you want to waste your youthful years trying to please a girl that might end up being married by another dude, who was probably hussling seriously, while you were doing your usual lovey-lovey? Book of Ecclesiastes says ‘Money answereth all things’. Take note, ‘all things’ and not ‘some things’ . Take the pains now and strive to be comfortable and you will avoid the painful experience of trying to please a girl!!! The love between a man and a woman is not AGAPE LOVE, let us stop deceiving ourselves!!! It is not the type of love described in the Synoptic Gospels and in the Epistles of Apostle Paul…it is called EROS and it costs something!!! Yes, the eros love goes for something; it doesn’t come with nothing and that’s the bitter truth we all need to accept

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