Swag or Madness? [See Photo]


    • such a big snake in such an enviroment,n ndbooy sees it b4 dis incident happened? Not even d parents. Wat is happen in dis part of dis country?is d baby alive?

  • I wasn’t drinking beer due to the long drive home, so this all meant a quick detour to the ticket booth to buy 2 tickets each time I got thirsty. Walking in, I’m glad to see that the two main stages are actually in tents, so even if the rain decided to follow me from Dallas, the show could go on. The tents could probably each hold close to a thousand, and the crowds don’t seem that big today.

  • DENRELE! Lawwwwwwwwwd have mercy, honeychile you need to rfendiee your look! Because if we open the dictionary to the word “tired”, this outfit you’ve got on would be right next to it!This here look got me all turned the fk around – what the hell were you going for: Michael Jackson or the Beatle’s Sargent Pepper? In hot ass Nigeria? BABBBBBBBBBYyyyyy, it is NO LONGER shocking, boo. I know that was your aim in the beginning. You needed to set yourself apart but it’s time to let it go! You are established now, we know! We know, boo…you are DIIIIIIIIIIFFERENT…we get it!What would really be shocking, is if you got a faux hawk, parred your look down to a nice white, pressed/stared shirt, one of Oz Boateng’s Ankara jackets, loafers and gave us CLEAN, TRIM, TAILORED…NOW THAT would be shocking. Go think it. AND OH, you can still keep your lipstick LOLNOW MS. WAJE…I love you girl friend! You truly are a talented singer but babygirlsistergirl you NEED A STYLIST ASAP! You have an odd shape in that you are very top heavy and you’ve got skinny legs. You need someone who understand this dilemma and can dress you in a way that flatters and distracts. I hope to God that you burned that outfit you work to perform at the NEA awards in NY two weeks ago. And my love, do not EVER go on stage in shoes that you cannot perform in! You could barely walk from one end of the stage to another, you had to take them off…NO, ma’am ONLY PATTI LABELLE can get away with that junk and that’s cause she’s OLD. It has become part of her little act to take them off now on stage because people are used to it. YOU on the other hang…NO! You are too young for that mess. Get a heel that is comfortable and if you are gonna take your kicks off, make sure you are pedi’d to high heaven…no crusty toes on stage please!

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