Stop Marrying Young Girls, BBOG Spokesperson Tells Nigerian Leaders

A representative of Bring Back Our Girls Group (BBOG), Aisha Yesufu has warned Nigerian leaders to stop marrying teenage girls. According to her, if the nation must actualize its dream of protecting the girl child, then it has to stop so that the dream can come true. She says, they can claim to be protecting the girls, whey they do otherwise secretly. She gave the ‘warning’ at a two-day national conference on the social protection of the girl child, in Abuja. Hear her;
 “If we keep saying something and doing the opposite, it makes no sense”.
“If we are saying that we want to protect the girl child, and want her to go to school; then our leaders should not be seeing marrying girls who are still in school,” she said. Continue…

 “A situation whereby someone already has three wives, and then goes to marry a girl who is 30 years his junior, because he is a leader; what does that say to other girls her age?” she queried.
Ms. Yesufu added that the society should treat as paedophiles men who marry girls in their early teens just because they feel capable of ensuring medical treatment that might sustain her health.

“A person who can do that as far as I am concerned is a paedophile and should be treated as such,” she said.

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