Simple server Announce the New Version 3 for Android

Simple server Announce the New Version 3 for Android

This is good news to all of us, I saw this
message on nairaland, Simple Android
Server will move to the next level byupgrading their app to version 3.

This new version powers your entire device
app and you can share the vpn network
to other devices such as ipad, iphone
and pc. Read the message below;

Simple server Announce the New Version 3 for Android


There will be a significant update to Simple
Android Server in the coming week(s). This
update will include a VPN.

This VPN is not based on OpenVPN or any
other open source VPN. We developed it from
scratch in order to make it as simple and
light as we want.

Another reason for this is that we want to be
able to easily add features to the VPN
whenever we want and also handle bugs
easily without having to go through a sea of
code with little documentation.

The VPN will have compression but no
encryption (yet) and is fast. However, there
is a certain level of latency to be expected
since the requests are now traveling through
a remote server.

For rooted devices, there will/may be a
feature that lets you connect other devices to
the SAS VPN installed on another device. So
if you have the SAS VPN running on your
android device and your WiFi Hotspot is on
with some devices connected to it, requests
from those connected devices will pass
through the SAS VPN installed on your
device. With this, you can connect your PC,
iPad, iPhones and whatnot.

I am using this feature to create this post
now but it is not as stable as it should be

The SAS v3 will also include a way to easily
see the values of your current configuration
in a very convenient way. This is handy
when trying to diagnose SAS connectivity

The current proxy server feature will still be

We appreciate that Simple Android Server
has been useful to a lot of people. We also
hope to always have the ability of increasing
its usefulness.”

Source: Loyaltyloaded.com


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