Seyi Shay Explains Why She Keeps Making TV Blunders


Finally, Seyi Shay has given some sort of explanation on why she keeps making those mind-boggling slip-ups, and she says it’s all for fun.

Recall that the singer was featured in yet another embarrassing interview where she said, EP stands for ‘Electric Package.’ In January, she pronounced the number ‘two’ as /tuwooh/, and in a new interview with DZPRT, she said the slang Phoneh is drawn from the word ‘Phoney’, not ‘Phonetics’. You can watch that hilarious clip here.

Yesterday, the ‘Right Now’ singer clapped back at her critics. “While some are busy trying to figure out what EP really means and making me trend for so long,” she wrote, “we are covering papers and making headlines and making MONEEEEYYYY so we can continue this wonderful tour of Africa.”

But that was not enough as she has now returned to finally explain why she keeps making the errors.

In an exchange with fans, Seyi Shaysaid, “it’s all fun though. It helps to grow us,” and in another comment, she added, “that’s what they wanted to hear, so why no trend with it?”

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