Senior Policewoman in Trouble for Exposing Her Br*asts In Front Of Another Colleague (Photo)

A policewoman is being arraigned for her illicit act after baring her br*asts at another officer.


Rebekah Sutcliffe, a senior policewoman has been arraigned in court.

The woman is being tried after she allegedly bared her breasts at a colleague as she drunkenly lectured her about breast enhancement surgery, a tribunal heard today.

According to The Sun UK, 46-year-old Rebekah Sutcliffe, an assistant Chief Constable is said to have exposed her bust to Superintendent Sarah Jackson.

During the rant, Sutcliffe is said to have told Supt Jackson she was not being taken seriously and that she would miss out on a promotion due to believing she had had a cosmetic procedure.

She allegedly told the officer she was a “laughing stock” among senior male colleagues before opening the front of her dress to expose her left breast.

Sutcliffe is then alleged to have said: “Look at these – Look at these! These are the breasts of someone who has had three children. I know they’re ugly but I don’t feel the need to pump myself with silicone to get self esteem.”

“Sarah it doesn’t matter how hard you work now because now you’ll always be known as the girl that had the tit job.”

However Sutcliffe was later reported for ‘inappropriate behaviour’ and subsequently suspended from her £96,500 a year post at Greater Manchester Police.

The woman’s trial continues.

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