Senate President Saraki Finally Eats Humble Pie, Reaches Out To Ahmed Tinubu

Senate President Saraki Finally Eats Humble Pie, Reaches Out To Ahmed Tinubu
Contrary to his public posturing of defiance, the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, had started reaching out to some of the aggrieved leaders of the party.

Saraki is one of the gladiators in the clash of egos and wills that followed the Senate leadership election on June 9 and subsequent appointment of principal officers.

The Senate President had earlier visited former President Olusegun Obasanjo to help him beg President Muhammadu Buhari.

He also reportedly met with the Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi, on the same matter.

During the week, some emissaries sent by Saraki met with President Buhari and sought forgiveness for the Senate President for acting contrary to the dictates of the party.

However, sources in the party told SUNDAY PUNCH on Saturday that the emissaries also had a brief to meet with the party’s national leader and former Governor of Lagos State, Senator Bola Tinubu.

Saraki, of recent, had made strenuous efforts to meet and appeal to Tinubu to sheathe his sword. Saraki’s olive branch to Tinubu may mark a turning point in the crisis as the Senate President, before now, had insisted that he would not ‘beg’ the APC leader.

But the sources added that Saraki might have changed his position when all his efforts to get President Buhari to forgive him for his defiance to the party and move on.

It has been widely reported that Buhari has refused all entreaties to host the Senate President at the Presidential Villa since the controversial election in the senate. The President had also said the leadership of the senate should tow the party line.

“Three weeks ago he tried to get across to Tinubu through one of his aides. Of course, the aide couldn’t have arranged the meeting. Tinubu’s disposition to the matter is well known,” the source said. Another source said the last attempt took place during the week when the APC senators, who met with the President at the behest of Saraki, also tried to get across to Tinubu.

“It is a surprise that he is reaching out to Tinubu. Saraki has no respect for Tinubu. He is contemptuous of him. During meetings he refers to him contemptuously as “Bola”. In fact there was a time that Tinubu wanted to explain a point to him and he shut him up,” the source said..

“Tinubu’s take is that the senate should toe the party line. Mr. Lai Mohammed told our correspondents on Saturday that the APC believes in party supremacy.

The spokesman for the Senate President, Mr. Yusuph Olaniyonu, could not be reached on Saturday night. Calls and a text message sent to his line were not responded to.

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  • Nwando IgbokweMr Akin,i share your view on Gen.Buhari.He has no case to answer as far as Boko Haram is conercn.The problem with Nigeria today is not PDP or GEJ.It is just that corruption,poverty has eaten deep into our collective psyche,we the people of Nigeria can’t really see the difference between light and darkness.Time and space will not permit me to expatiate on this but i challenge you and any other well meaning Nigeria to spot any major difference between PDP,ACN,ANPP,CPC etcThey are all the same,birds of the same feather,kettle calling pot black.Every Nigeria knows that every PDP member,dead or alive or “yet to be born” can’t fight corruption because they are all beneficiaries .On the other hand,ACN if given a chance will not only legalsize corrupt practices but will institutionalise gay marriage in order to win elections in Nigeria.Perfect example is Lagos State policies,does it benefit the poor or the elites.In Singapore,Their government built skyscrappers for the slum dwellers,you don’t have to know government official to own one.How many graduates have benefitted from LSG policies?I can prove to you that ACN,ANPP,CPC represent 70% of corrupt practices in Nigeria while PDP represent 30% of same.Seriousily,while ACN pays Nigerian media at all levels, very well to cover their tracks,PDP doesn’t pay at all.Arise o Nigerians and thick outside the box.The devil you know is far better than unknown angel.When ACN came on main stream of Nigerian politics,many Nigerians,especially Lagosians thought there is hope for them.To be fair,we can’t take away the victories of ACN in Lagos,Osun,Ekiti,Osun and Edo state.Now tell me,are these states better off,corruption- free,? If Nigerians fall again for the merger that will be another case of i have no shoes.I am one of few Nigerian who believe that you don’t have to wrestle power from the centre in other to contribute to national development.If Lagos,Osun,Ekiti,Edo States are faring well,people from Borno,Kano,Taraba,Bayelsa and other states will testify to it,that alone will give ACN desired victory but not merger.Nigerians are in dire need of incorruptible leader to form a party that will compete with PDP in terms of development,reduction in poverty rate,rapid development of human and material resources in real terms and not on the pages of newspaper,tv screens as ACN want us to believe.This is the only sustainable path to development and winning elections in Nigeria.When you say with such sweeping clarity that Buhari has no case to answer with regard to Boko Haram, you seem like the man in the know. Now, what we need from you is an explanation as to how you came to this knowledge. Just to the rest of us that may not be as quick as your good self in the uptake, can you please explain this in a few more sentences? What about looting of our national purse? Is he also innocent? Please explain.

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