See The 10 Benefits of Being Ugly As A Lady


I have seen many articles on the merits attached to being a beautiful and an adorable lady, so I decide to come up with this counter thread.

To a broad view, beauty and ugliness have its good and derogatory sides, and I trust that many of us must have read so many write-ups about the favour, undisputed attention and preferential treatments beautiful ladies often receive.

As a general rule, they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but let’s not deceive ourselves; the eyes of the beholder or not, it does not change the fact that some ladies are below the beauty level. (Can a dwarf be regarded as a tall person?)

Note: This is not a generalization of ugly ladies, but an average sizable number of them.

Lemme keep the ball rolling 8)

10 Benefits of Being Ugly As A Lady

1. Higher Chances Of virg*n*ty Retention Till Marriage

This may be true but not so true. Though ugliness is not a determinant of a keeping one’s virg*n*ty or abstain from s*x, but to a minimum extent, when a lady is extraordinary ugly, she’s most like not to be the chase of kitty-cat obsessed guys flooding every street, hence, making her lack the opportunity of getting laid

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