See How To Save More Space Compress Your Photos Without Losing Any Quality

See How To Save More Space Compress Your Photos Without Losing Any Quality

If I were to ask any smartphone user what they hate about their Smartphones asides the battery life, I am sure most of you would say the storage. Despite the memory cards on Android devices and 16GB or 32GB on iOS, we always run out of storage. So how would you feel if I were to tell you that you can get some storage juice that won’t affect anything in your phone, You’d be excited yeah?

Let me take a minute to introduce you to an amazing app that can help compress your photos without losing any quality – meet one of my lovers – The Crunch Gallery for Android and iOS. What Crunch Gallery does is very basic, when you take a picture, Crunch Gallery can easily compress the size of that image without losing any quality.

To get started, download the Crunch Gallery app by clicking on this link HERE (for Android) and this link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/crunch-gallery-get-space-back/id963263990?mt=8″> HERE (For iOS). Install and launch the app, It would run a check on your phone to see how much you can save by compressing. After that, it prompts you to sign up for Flickr and enable auto upload. You can skip that if you want.

You can either select automatic mode (this crunches your photos automatically – I am sure you knew that) or manual.

After crunching my photos, I couldn’t believe how much I saved! and for your information, I didn’t lose any quality. Now imagine if you have 1000+ photos (Selfie addict alert), picture how much you’d save!

That’s all! one of the few ways you can get some storage juice out of your device.

P:S: I must state that the iOS version is a little bit limited as you would need to delete the pictures manually due to iOS restrictions. However, it is still very useful.

Don’t forget to boast about your storage saves in the comment section.

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