Sad old woman Opens Up on how s*x and men destroyed her daughter’s life

A frustrated old woman narrates how her daughter has brought her heartaches, living an errant life.

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A 65-year-old South African grandmother, (name withheld) is an unhappy woman who has been left devastated by her daughter.

According to Daily Sun SA, the sad woman revealed that her daughter is very randy and has brought shame to the family.

She said she couldn’t believe it when she found out her daughter had even sold her grandchild.

“My child has turned my life into a nightmare. Her love for men and s*x has destroyed her life,” said the grandmother from Thokoza, Ekurhuleni, South Africa.

“She is only 32 and has seven kids with different men, and I’m forced to look after the children,” said the gogo.

But then things went from bad to worse.

“Last year when she fell pregnant with her seventh child, she lived with me. She then told me the baby had died weeks after she gave birth,” said gogo.

“When we asked why she hadn’t said anything, she claimed the government had buried the baby.”

But the woman kept having bad dreams and she went to the hospital. That was where she discovered that the baby hadn’t died.

“I was told that my daughter left the hospital with the baby, accompanied by a man and a woman.”

When the gogo confronted her daughter, she allegedly admitted she was desperate for money and had sold the baby.

When contacted, the woman’s daughter said that she was old enough to make her own decisions.

“My mother must stop worrying about what I do. I did not sell the child, I gave her up for adoption,” she said.



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