Reasons Why Circumcised Ladies Do Not Enjoy Sex

Circumcision had its early induction as far back as thousands of years ago. Then, it was solely for the men whose foreskin were removed.


This is being done at birth when the child is considered not to have known pain. But with women, it went beyond imagination and since the woman’s private part is considered as an opening, it could be seen as violation of privacy.

Ladies who have been circumcised using any of the classifications listed above believe they cannot have sexual pleasure anymore. Their psyche and self esteem has been reduced.

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Below are some causes and possible solutions as to why circumcised ladies do not enjoy sex.

Psychologically, these women believe they have been robbed of the chance to feel pleasure. They are less excited when it comes to sex, thus the men would have to go extra miles to work on their nerves and relax the pent up tension that has gathered in the women’s bodies. The men have to make them feel good and work on their mental state of minds.

Being tensed often make women contract the muscles around the vagina. A sexual partner can reach out to women by helping them relax in their company by touching them intimately and fondling sensitive parts of their bodies.

Emotionally, these women need to be stabilised. They need men who are gentle, loving and caring. With time they get comfortable with these men and start to open up to them. These men would help inspire them as they journey towards their sexual discovery.

Masturbation as frowned upon by religious critics is an important tool in science. It is a self liberating key as women are encouraged to touch themselves and with the help of a mirror get to see what part gives them more pleasure. It helps the women discover things about their sexuality and with that they could guide their trusted partners during intercourse. This is important for their sexual arousal and orgasms.

Circumcision in women is also known as Female Genital Mutation (FGM). And as explained by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia. Sounds absurd right?

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