Policeman Orders Woman To Bare Her Breast In Public Or Be Arrested (photos)

Hello Laila!

After Aba I moved to Owerri in a public bus and I immediately regretted doing that. Owerri is not as bad as Aba sha. It had calm to it but I saw bad road, mounds of uncleared refuse, but more absurd the number of roundabouts in that town for no reason and way too many billboards of Rochass that makes one dizzy.

Policeman Orders Woman To Bare Her Breast In Public Or Be Arrested (photos)
We were stopped every 5 mins and the driver submitted 50 naira to the police and 100 naira to the Army. At a point I complained.

I was laughed at, what do I know. You are all shouting corruption and aiding corruption but nothing prepared me for the next stop. We got here.the driver ran out of 50s so he decided to play smart and we were stopped.

The police man told us he would search us all. I refused to let this pervert put his hand on my body because I saw the way he was feeling the female up. Mercifully I was on power dressing and when I said you don’t have such right to touch me, he knew I would not be toyed with. After he searched others. He still refused to let us go then he faced this woman with a baby and said he needed proof to confirm the child was hers .

Policeman Orders Woman To Bare Her Breast In Public Or Be Arrested (photos)
The woman brought out the babies hospital card and wanted to call her husband, he refused and said the woman should breastfeed the child, so madam decided to mock the he goat policeman so she laughed at him and brought out her breast, entered the car and started feeding her child. Oga police said no way. He has to see Tip and milk. At that point I flipped and told the woman to pull the breast out proper and show him dripping milk , another man would have been ashamed not this one he stood there and made the woman splash milk. That was his proof the child was hers and we were allowed to leave.

I saw something. This country is sick. If I saw his number I would have taken it to Arase’s group. But they were not numbered and that itself is totally wrong.

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