Nollywood Director That ‘Burnt Actor On Set’ Explains Why He Fooled The World (Video)

72 hours after actor Ani Iyoho got burnt in a movie stunt gone wrong on a Nollywood movie set, everyone is shocked to discover during a press conference that the entire frenzy was the result of a perfectly planned, and well-executed publicity spin conceived by Nollywood director Stanlee Ohikhuare.
Press play to watch, guys, how Nollywood director Stanlee Ohikhuare and his production team made that viral video that had Ani Iyoho burning without actually been burnt. After the cut.
Explaining why he did it, Stanlee says he believes the stunt would cause a remarkable change in the attitude and perception of fellow Nigerians and the world at large, towards Nollywood’s
potentials. That he did it to create film awareness and industry patronage via media engagement; utilizing the ever evolving social media platform to gain reach and peculiar attention to an entire industry.
He also added that Government intervention is needed to ensure that there’s adequate funding to curb ugly occurrences like the one insinuated in the circulated video.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYzf1ZHjEKM]

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