“My Friends Think I’m A Crazy Person” – Bukky Wright

Bukky Wright on her shyness

Nollywood actress Bukky Wright has revealed though she’s very shy in public, she can get very crazy when she’s with friends.

Bukky Wright on her shyness
Bukky Wright on her shyness

In an interview with News Watch, the iconic actress revealed that she is so shy, it makes people think she is a snub.

“Some people will say Bukky is a snub, but what they don’t realize is the fact that they only see me as a snub because I am somewhat a shy person. Sure, when I am with my own people, I talk, I play. Some of them will even say I am a crazy person,” she said.

She also spoke her about what she called one of her major flows, her bad temper.

“I know my temper is bad. I know it is very bad and that is why I am usually very quiet,” she said. “That is also why I make it clear to people that I take no nonsense. No one throws nonsense at me and then thinks you will get away. I don’t pretend.”

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