MUST READ: Top 9 Signs He Is Only Keeping You For S3x


The title “10 signs that shows he is keeping you for sex” sounds this post is for girls only, but fortunately Boys can also benefit from this write up. In order not to make your Girl feel You are all about sex, and that’s Akward

Below are top signs that your partner is only using you without any futuristic plans:

(1) He only calls you on phone whenever he is Hot: This kind of relationship is strictly based on business. He calls you to talk dirty and to satisfy his S3xual fantasies. He insists you show up at his place immediately for s*x after which he goes cold for a while.

(2) He is always reluctant to discuss personal problems with you: Men naturally will only share their problems with who they have feelings for as well as trust in. No man goes to a brothel to discuss issues aside s*x and its immediate action.

(3) He maintains coldness with you on the social media and stays off anything related to you : When a man truly loves a woman, he flaunts her everywhere he goes like a prestigious award especially when she is cute in order to gain the respect of his friends. When its strictly S3x, he keeps the girl as his dark secret. Under no circumstance will her picture find his way to his Facebook, BBM or Whatsapp.

(4) Constant demand for unclad photos: No serious man with good intentions does this. A guy using you will demand for your n*de photos and later show his friends to brag about his social status and S3xual prowess.

(5) Lack of public appearances: His business with you is in the bedroom. He will not want to be seen with you in public to prevent the S3xual relationship from getting to the knowledge of the general public.

(6) Minimal conversations: Communication is key for the development of strong relationships that could lead to marriage. When all he does is head for ur panties and other sensitive body parts shortly after your arrival in his house, then there is a looming crisis.

(7) He doesn’t want to meet your family members: when its strictly s*x with no plans for the future, definitely there is no need to associate with lady’s family members to prevent unnecessary social ties. ( He flares up when you talk about marriage: This is simply because he doesn’t see the image of a wife in you.

(8) When he frequently uses s*x enhancing drugs like V!agra : The truth is that these drugs turn the men into beasts and they end up hurting the woman. This takes off the pleasure of S3x and turns it to torture.

(9) He shows up at your place once in a blue moon and keeps other girls: If he loves you truly, his heart will be wherever you are as his treasured asset, but because you are a mere option, he visits you only when his schedule isn’t tight.

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