Miracle! One-year-old baby wakes from coma the moment doctors prepare to turn off life-support.

An amazing moment happened when just as doctors gave up hope to remove a life support from a baby, she came out of coma.


In an amazing turn around, the miraculous moment a baby came out of a coma as doctors were ready to turn off her life support machine as caught on camera.

One-year-old Marwa who has been hospitalized since September, was in an induced coma after suffering from a virus that caused severe neurological disorders.

Local media reports that ,despite the parents protests, the doctors decided to turn off the life support .However, the parents from Algeria refused to give up and started a petition on Facebook to help raise funds to challenge their decision.


With over 70,000 signatures, the court ruled in favour of an “extension of care” at La Timone hopsital, Marseille, France for two months.

However, doctors were insistent that they would fight to turn off the respirator sooner ,arguing that she will never walk, eat, or breathe independently.

The , to their surprise ,ten days later, Marwa woke. She responded to her dad’s smiles.


“Her treatment continues, but we see daily progress, and it gives us great hope.

“When I talk to her, she hears my voice, she reacts, sometimes she smiles,” he told a local news site



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