Mide Fumi Martins Talks How She Fell In Love And Married Actor, Afeez Owo (Read)

For some timenow, the Yoruba movie industry has been peddling rumours of the break up of two popular members of the industry, movie actor and producer, Afeez Owo and his wife Mide Martins. Each timethe rumour reared its head, the couple tried to deny the rumour.

Their last public event was the marriageof comic actor, Sanyeri. A few years back, the rumour made the rounds again when a popular radio station announced their break up on a Yoruba programme. Not only did the presenters say the marriageis no more, it said Mide packed out of her matrimonial home with her 2 daughters. It was after the radio programme that City People interviewed Mide but the actress denied it.

Last week the actress took to Instagram to write a story of how her husband abandoned her and her children for many days. The next report we got was that she was hospitalized. In a recent interview, the actress opened up on how she fell in love with Afeez Owo .

In her words, ”Afeez is someone I grew up to know. Afeez was my mother’s manager. When my mum died, I would say he was the only one that stood by me. From there, we got closer and then we started dating. He was the only one I had then. There was nobody else, I didn’t have a boyfriend and no one else came. He was the only one there for me. I love him. He loves me too. Since there was nobody else to marry and he was there for me, so I got married to him and thank God we are happy together”

The mother of two also added that she does not like the fact that people say Afeez Owo is ugly, she emphasised that she married the producer because he has a good heart.

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