Mercy Aigbe shows Off Her cleavage on New Photo

It seems Mercy Aigbe has finally come to stay. She seems to be the most talked about Nigerian Celebrity in the year 2016, without much controversies trailing her. She has been very much active on social media, especially Instagram where she has close to 1.2 million followers. That is massive.

Even some other celebrities don’t even have close to 100K followers: That is just to tell the leap Mercy Aigbe has gotten.
And interestingly, she is capitalizing on her massive followers to promote her line of clothes. If she is not modelling for boutique, her daughter wil be doing. She is a mighty woman.
She got more saucy in a flowing gown from her stock, which shows much of her cleavage. Well it is not new, I guess we have seen that several times, we can even describe it with oour eyes closed.

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