Meet The World’s Fattest Woman Loses Weight, But Still Needs $10,000 To Remove Excess Skin + Reason She Was That Fat

The former world’s fattest woman who at her heaviest weighed 1,000lbs has lost half her body weight but she has been left with 140lbs of excess skin.

Catrina Raiford, 38, tipped the scales at half a ton and was bed-bound for five years, until she had her home bulldozed to free her from her bed after suffering breathing difficulties.
Catrina, from Florida, then embarked on a strict diet and a gastric bypass to lose more than 500lbs, reaching 448lbs in 2014.

Now Catrina hopes to lose even more weight along with the 140lbs of excess skin she has been left with for which she has set up a GoFundMe to raise the $10,000 (£6,468) needed for operations to remove it.


However Catrina says she had always had problems with her weight, following years of sexual abuse as a child. She said she found comfort in sweet, sugary snacks and secret eating.

Catrina Raiford weighed more than 1,000lbs and was bed-bound for five years

Catrina wearing her first ever bikini

Catrina has always had a problem with her weight, pictured aged 10 left, and aged 14 weighed 448lbs, right

She’d spend long days on the internet lying to men about her appearance and having ‘catfish’ relationships, by creating a fake persona and using this to meet men

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