Male Speaks: See What Distance Relationship Has Caused Me!

I had the greatest shock of my life last week, which I never still believe why it happened to me. To cut the story short,I had a fiancee which we have been planning on getting married. In The course of time have been so familiar with her mum and siblings and we were just about preparing for our introduction. Due to the nature of my work I live in lagos and she stays at Ibadan, have been so faithful to her(you all know what am talking about).

On the 16th of aug, (saturday), I told her I was going to come around on the 19th. (Wednesday). when I got to Ibadan on wednesday, I checked-in in a guest house closer to her house. I was so happy been around her again, because I believed since her mum knows me, mehn, I thought I owned her. (That was the best mistake have ever made),Later in the night she was called by her brother to come over, so she decided to go and attend to her brother leaving me with her phone. Seriously,when she left I was just staring at the phone for some minutes and later I decided to check out for some more lovely pictures of my ironical wife. As time goes by I then decided to glance through her chats (wasn’t intentional but didn’t know what springed that up in me) Her recent chats was laced accordingly to how recent the chats has been. My chats with her was first,then I opened the 2nd chat(what I saw was crazy).

My so called ironical fiancee have been cheating on me. The chats was like my gf initiated the chat with him. She went to his place on Monday and they had sex. This is the lady I want to marry o,seriously I feel love doesn’t truely exist. Its just a name not an ACT anymore. I got annoyed and asked her out of my room because if I should see her I could inflicts my annoyance on her(she might end up in hospital).

Now,what can I do? she’s been begging me not to tell her elder brother .The mum hasn’t heard anything about what transpired, even her siblings and have decided to let them know, so that they would know the kind of daughter they are living with(Packaged-slut). Is that the right decision? Or should I just delete every contacts I have with her? What can I do? Her mum do call me sometimes, now its so obvious am breaking up the relationship! But do I have to tell her mum or siblings who can understand how I really feel about it! Please, can you share me some advice or perspectives! I will appreciate it.

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