Lol! (Photos) Popular Politician Caught Staring Donald Trump’s Wife’s S*xy Pictures on His Phone During Public Meeting



A popular Indian politician was caught staring at the 15-year old saucy pictures of Donald Trump’s wife on his mobile phone, while in a public meeting. Lol…such distraction…

Tanveer Sait, an Indian minister has been accused of looking at pornographic images on his phone in a public meeting. However, the man revealed that the photos were actually saucy snaps of Donald Trump’s wife.

Daily Star UK reports that Tanveer Sait, who is the minister of Primary and Secondary Education in Karnataka State, in Southern India, was sitting, looking at the photos when he was snapped by local media.

Initially it was reported it was porn, but it later emerged that they appeared to be saucy snaps of Melania Trump – the wife of US President-elect Donald Trump.

Senior police officers who have reviewed the footage from the event have confirmed that the images shown on the photographs being published were of Melania Trump, confirming that this is what the minister had been looked at, if the photographs were not doctored.

The 15-year old pictures of the wife of the next American President have been widely circulated on various social media platforms after Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential elections.

However the minister has taken issue with local media reports that the photos were of the US President-elect’s wife, saying that he was actually looking at pictures of a historical figure and Imperial leader known as Tipu Sultan, which he received on his phone.

He said he planned to take legal action against the cameraman who snapped the photographs of him, accusing them of creating a hoax.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the incident and will be preparing a report.

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