Ladies! These Foods Will Make Your b00bs Bigger

Ladies! These Foods Will Make Your b00bs Bigger of women of our generation are not OK with the size of their b00bs and would prefer bigger ones.

Unfortunately, most are also not willing or financially capable to take any extreme measures (surgery) to achieve this.

Boob size and growth is determined primarily by genetics and the hormone Estrogen, thus any hormonal imbalance usually results in a smaller brea$t size. Don’t be distressed though as there are natural remedies to help augment your BR*ASTS.

So if you want to know the natural secrets to getting bigger BR*ASTS then here you have it

#1 Eat more foods with estrogen or phytoestrogen such as; apples, cherries, vegetables, carrots, cucumber, brown rice, wheat, garlic, pawpaw, soy, milk, yoghurt, cheese, oats, nutmeg, walnut, cashew, strawberries, watermelon, tomatoes, dates and ginger.

#2 Excessive production of testosterone suppresses the growth of the b00bs, avoid a lot of carbs, to prevent excessive production of testosterone.

#3 Don’t eat junks hoping it will increase your bust size, it might end up going to the wrong places and making you fat.
NB: Don’t take drugs filled with estrogen, just to make your bust bigger. It might have an adverse effect on you.
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