Kendrick Lamar Looks Seriously Tiny Next To His Bodyguard | Must See

Kendrick Lamar

This man can protect Kendrick Lamar from eventually anything.

Photos of Kendrick, who stands 5’5″, in Aussieland have begun to surface via TMZ but most people aren’t exactly speaking about the Compton recording artist. Taking much of the shine, Kenny’s bodyguard has become a hot topic for towering over the rapper, looking like a modern-day giant. The man has to stand at least seven feet tall and as he rocks a TDE hoodie, he generally looks menacing as hell just from his stature. With security like him around, it’s almost a given that nobody will try and mess with Kendrick. Seriously, this guy is a behemoth. He can probably even protect Kendrick from natural disasters.

When he’s not looking tiny next to his bodyguard, Kendrick can be found creating some of the best music around today, curating the Black Panther soundtrack and taking home a Pulitzer for his most recent solo album.

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