Jighere Wellington wins Scrabble championship


Nigeria’s Jighere Wellington defeated England’s Lewis Mackay to win the 2015 World Scrabble Championships.

Jighere Wellington wins Scrabble championship
Jighere Wellington wins Scrabble championship

Wellington and Mackay faced off in Perth, Australia, in a best of 7 series, with Wellington needing only 4 games to claim victory.

Wellington, who had finished in 3rd place in 2007, was one of 5 Nigerians in the top 50, including 16th-placed Ayorinde Saiduand 17th-placed Emmanuel Umujose.

Suleiman Garba, the president of the Nigeria Scrabble Federation, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, congratulated the team for their hard work, and wished the Golden Eaglets similar success.

“It is a testimony of the potential of Nigeria as a country and the sacrifice and hard work of the board under my leadership.”

“We started preparation about a year ago with seven camps which we christened Scrabble Meets to put our team in shape for the world championship and it has paid off.”

“I am very proud of the Nigerian team and very proud to be Nigerian. I hope this victory will be made complete when our Golden Eaglets wins the World Cup later today,’’ he said.

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