I Just Love Flaunting My b00bs – Yoruba Actress Anu

Sosanya is an actress and produces in the Yoruba industry. Read part of her chat with Adaeze:

What parts of your body do you like to flaunt?
I love to flaunt my lips, skin and b00bs. My lips are so soft and kissable because I always treat it right. My skin is soft too and I’m still pampering my b00bs. I have got no big b00bs but I know how to handle them well.Have you done a n*de role before?
Let me start by saying that those who do it don’t do it real, it’s just make-believe. I have also done same but to a limit. Trust me, I have never taken off my clothes before the camera and I would never do it.
Tell us the qualities of your ideal man.
He must have a big heart. What I mean by a big heart is that he should love me so much. He should be someone who has a sense of humour. My ideal man should be tall but that is not very important to me. Happiness is what matters most to me. I also like a man I can trust, someone I can be so open-minded with that I won’t have to hide anything from.

What is your philosophy of life?
My philosophy is never to live someone else’s life, but live your life.


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