How to Stop Being Shy Around Good-Looking Girls

How to Stop Being Shy Around Good-Looking Girls

A few steps to help you to stop being shy around good-looking girls!

1.Tell yourself that many girls are also shy around boys: One way to prepare yourself for talking to girls is to remember that it’s likely that the girls are just as scared about talking to you as you are about talking to them. They may look like they have it all figured out and may act like they’re not shy or nervous whatsoever, but on the inside, many girls are nervous about talking to boys, too. If you’re more aware of the fact that every girl or guy is shy about talking to people to some extent, then you’ll be less self- conscious about talking to girls.

2. Make eye contact. The best way to see who’s interested in you and show a girl that you’re interested in her, too, is to make eye contact and hold it for a couple of seconds. This is a big first step, and it will prepare both of you for speaking to each other.

3. Don’t back down after making attempt: A lot of guys often does this, doing this will only make you never want to try and gain and probably inform the girl that you are shy. And walking too fast will make you look overeager. She may be in a group of people, which is intimidating. However, if you want to speak with her, you’ll have to brave the crowd and head over anyway.

4. Don’t worry about saying the perfect thing: Guys who are shy about talking to girls tend to romanticize the situation and think that, when they talk to a cute girl, they have to say something absolutely perfect or astonishing to win her over, and then the two of you can walk off into the sunset together. In reality, if you tell the girl you like her shirt or talk about the Drake concert you just went to, you’ll be perfectly fine. Instead of searching for the perfect turn of phrase, just work on saying something to keep the conversation going.

6. Come up with a few topics in advance so you feel
less nervous:
Prepare a few questions that will help you to not only strike up a conversation but also keep one going. Start by asking her name and where she’s from. You can ask what she does for a living, where she went to school and when was the last time she traveled. If you continue talking, ask about her hobbies, siblings and favorite fun things to do on the weekend.

7. Just pretend that you’re talking to one of your friends: Sure, talking to the cute girl in your grade may seem completely different than chatting it up with your best friend, but if you stop being so worried about everything being perfect, you’ll see that it’s really not so different. You’ll have to come up with things to talk about, making the other person laugh, talk about something interesting you did over the weekend, and so on. Once you relax and stop trying to sound so impressive, you’ll be able to fall into a natural pace of conversation, just as you would with a close friend.

8. Don’t try too hard to impress them: If you try too hard to impress the girl you’re talking to, then it’ll show. You may want to talk about how awesome you are at soccer or to tell her all about your plans to be a doctor, but this kind of talk can actually turn some girls away. While you can talk about the things you love, there’s no need to brag. And even if you know how to juggle or do a backflip, this can come up naturally somehow, but you don’t need to show the girl how talented you are right on the spot.

9. Know that in the end, all you can do is be yourself: As corny as it sounds, if you really want to get to know a girl, then you don’t need to try to impress her with a suave version of who you really are. Sure, you can act a bit more polite and polished and make more of an effort to really capture her attention, but you shouldn’t go too far outside your comfort zone unless you plan on keeping the act up forever.

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