How To Get Rid Of Thread/Green Veins

Hmm, after LL reader, Obinna Azubuko helped us out on 3 ways of getting rid of dark armpit,  a commenter dropped a comment under the post requesting I also make a post on getting rid of green veins/pigments. Well I called the attention of Obinna to it, lol, and Obinna said, it wasn’t a problem, and that he will find answers to the question. So here’s what Obinna came up with… sadly, there’s no cure per say, but read what you can still do….
Thread veins, otherwise known as tiny green veins can be seen on the cheeks, nose region and generally the face. These veins are caused by exposure to sunlight over the years, overuse of steriods cream, pregnancy etc. They are also sometimes inherited. These veins become obvious after midlife when the skin becomes thinner and loses some of its collagen. Bleaching cream go a long way in facilitating the thinning of the skin.
There is no proven local method for treating this thread veins. However one can atleast solve the problem temporarily by applying concealer when applying make ups. This will hide the veins for atleast a short period of time.
There are two proven method for treating this green thread veins. But they are expensive, require specialists to avoid mistakes and they have their side effects. They are;
1- Micro- schlerotherapy
2- Laser treatment

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