Hot! 10 Tips How to Boost Your Libido

Skyrocket your libido level and send each other to the moon with these tips. You will have the stamina of a horse when you learn the secrets of how to boost your libido.


Love your partner to bits but when it comes to the bedroom all you lust after is your snuggly duvet? You’re not alone. The stats are scary – sexual desire is flat-lining across the nation. A staggering 63 per cent of women report having low desire at some point in their life. And it’s a similar picture for the guys.
Here’s a lifeline by Dr. Pam Spurr’s tricks will wow you to nuts.
1. Do share from today what you really like
Far too many people never tell their partner what lights their fire. Simply whisper you’d like to try something new (the thing you’ve always wanted). One survey found 85% of partners want to be told. I guess the others think they know it all!
2. Do sort the practicalities of life
Many won’t be in the mood if they’ve just balanced the household budget or finally got the baby to bed. If one of you is keen for sex, leave a little time before making your ‘approach’. The other needs to put budgets and baby’s nappies out of their head before feeling desire.
3. Do visit a sex shop together
Visit friendly retailers like Harmony and Ann Summers shops for a sexual ‘adventure’: you both choose a surprise to take home. Your purchases are a perfect way to show them, for example, you’d love to be blindfolded and told what to do. Or you’d love them to run a tickler up and down your body through massage oil.
4. Do romance each other
The fastest way to get her knickers in the right kind of twist – thrown on the floor as you jump in bed – is by compliments, little surprises, running her a bath and lighting it with candles, etc. She should romance him too, getting flirty on the phone and dirty with messaging during the day.
5. Do get into role-play
If lying there, you’re thinking what a surge of desire you’d feel if he’d pretend to be a dirty detective who wanted to strip-search you, then tell him.
6. Don’t overlook lifestyle choices that dampen desire
If drinking too much, smoking, letting stress mount up, desire will be a big fat zero. Look at where you can cut down on stress, plus on alcohol and smoking.
7. Don’t let go of spontaneity
Research shows couples get stuck in one favourite (now mundane) position. If it’s always easy ‘spoons position’ on Sunday mornings – it gets yawns-worthy! Why not go for afternoon delight in a different position (see below) on a Saturday? Mixing up position, time and location are three easy tips for rekindling desire.
8. Don’t eat a poor quality diet
Anything that sludges your system, definitely sludges desire. Stop with the junk food and eat good plain simple home-cooked food.
Have plenty of greens, oily fish, grains and pulses, and consider a natural desire supplement for women like Lady Prelox.
9. Don’t always feel you have to be right
One survey found a third of couples blame rowing for lack of sex. In my experience couples keep rowing because no one backs down, both want to be right. Would you rather be right or right ‘at it’ in bed?
10. Don’t think your partner wants the same thing they did five years ago


Sexual turn-ons change. When first together she might’ve loved a slow and sensual build-up. Now she wants you to take command, hold her tight, kiss passionately and tell her you want her. It’s the same for the guys.

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