Guys, Never Miss A Lady With The Following Qualities

Despite we say all manner of things against the female folks, there are some who are still worthy, like those with these under listed qualities.

1. Who walks for miles just to see/meet you

2. Who says “sorry” even though she didn’t do anything wrong..

3.Who cries because she still loves and misses

4. Who still tries to get you back..

5. Who no matter how much you have hurt her
still loves you..

6. Who stops her argument with you to save
your relationship..

7. Who continuously makes you feel special and
tries to make you happy..

8. Who is upset but, does not tell you as she thinks she is annoying you..

9. Who wants to leave you because of your rude
behaviour..but, she is not able to do so because
her Love for you overcomes it all.

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