For People Who Like To Swallow Objects For Fun! Read!!

42-old Horacio Rodriguez was shocked to discover the cause of his chest pains; a toothpick lodged in his heart. He believes he swallowed the toothpick while eating appetisers. He fell ill with a fever in January and doctors said he had a heart infection and put him on antibiotics, but things took a turn for the worse after he began losing weight, coughing up blood and suffering pains so he sought a second help.
Scans revealed an object inside his heart, and surgeons at Hospital Fernandez in Buenos Aires, Argentina, decided to operate to remove it. They thought it might be a catheter which had been inserted when Mr Rodriguez had a blood transfusion as a teenager.
But shockingly, during a seven hour operation, they were stunned to find a whole toothpick in his heart, not broken and that was what has been making him sick and losing weight. More photos…


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