FG make 11.63 billion over whistle blower

According to Minister of Finance,Mrs.Kemi Adeosun, the performance of the policy has so far surpassed even the expectations of President Muhammadu Buhari.

She stated this on Sunday, October 29, an article titled ‘Positioning Nigeria for a prosperous future.

Adeosun further disclosed that the sum of N11.63 billion had been recovered under the whistle-blower policy as at June 2017 out of which about N375.8 million has also been paid to 20 providers of information.

Government efforts aimed at consolidating thousands of accounts scattered across Deposit Money Banks into a unified system that was transparent and easy to centrally monitor and track has also been achieved through the implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) system, Adeosun stated.

Part of the benefits accrued from shifting to the TSA system according to Kemi Adeosun, is making it impossible for government accounts to be converted into personal use which has further helped in fighting corruption in the system.

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