Easy Steps To Schedule Messages On WhatsApp

Easy Steps To Schedule Messages On WhatsApp

How to schedule messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular messaging application
for mobile phones. Rather than sending paid short messages to your
contact, you can use WhatsApp to send the messages as long as you
have internet access. This is cheap and cost effective means of
getting your message across.

Situations may arise where you may forgot
to send an important message due of your busy routine. To prevent
this, you can schedule the message way ahead of the time with
WhatsApp. Jovago.com offers steps on how you can do this.

A. Download WhatsApp scheduler

WhatsApp does not have an app for
scheduling messages. Hence, if you want to schedule messages, you
will download the WhatsApp scheduler.

B. Install and launch the App. The application
may not work if your android phone is not rooted. A rooted android
phone gives you access to all the files on your device. If your
phone is rooted, you can proceed to the next step.

C. After the App is launched, a menu will pop
up on your phone screen. In the recipient’s bar, type the name of
the recipient of the message and then you can send the message to a
person or a group.

D. The next step is to set the time and date
you want to send the message. Make sure you set the right date and
time and factor in the time difference depending on the location
you are sending it to.

E. By clicking send, the message is sent to a
network and schedule for sending on the assigned date.

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