Drama and Intrigues As Ayo Fayose Ran Into Fayemi, Others At A Funeral [PHOTO]

It was at the burial of PA JB Ajayi, the noise of Oshokomole rented the air as worshippers wondered who was arriving.


It later turned out to be the Governor of the state, His Excellency Dr. Peter Ayodele Fayose. The Governor adorning a white Agbada sent a section of the crowd on wild jubilation as they hailed him before he was led to the front seat by church ushers and security aides where he joined his 3 predecessors, Otunba Niyi Adebayo, Engineer Segun Oni and Dr. Kayode Fayemi. He had an official handshake with all of them before taking his seat next to his immediate predecessor Dr. Kayode Fayemi.
Governor Ayodele Fayose, he will always create a room for drama especially when the atmosphere is a “Charged One” like the one of Baba JB Ajayi’s funeral where he had all his 3 predecessors who are now in the opposition sitting with him. In sitting directly next to his immediate predecessor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, Ayo Fayose came out with his trait as he “sit-backed” Kayode Fayemi (O ko eyin si Fayemi) instead of sitting straight or at par with the later. This deliberate act of “tactical rejection” was visibly noticed by journalists and camera men who took time to snap the mini drama. Bishop Ajakaiye later invited the four politicians (Fayose, Fayemi, Adebayo and Oni) to the podium to have a photo op with him and equally used the opportunity to advise them to shun their individual political differences and work for the development of Ekiti State. Dr. Kayode Fayemi left after the photo op while Fayose, Niyi Adebayo and Segun Oni who came with his wife stayed behind. Although some analysts like Mr. Femi Adagunodo, a veteran photo journalist and creative news expert believed Fayemi’s exit was a calculated strategy as Fayose is allegedly incapable of holding on for too long without making a scapegoat of his imagined enemies. The Governor later left without being allowed to say a word at the event.

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  • Rejoinder: Bola Tinubu, You have a MessageI have known the writer to be very plroific, and have always showcased this through her dexterous style of writing- thumbs! However, I’m largely disappointed at how you handled this piece. I’m surprised at how difficult it is for you to distinguish between a strong character and a vibrant entity. This clearly exhibits your very shallow knowledge of what a political party should represent and how they operate.First, your write up shows how much of a pessimist you are. It shows how laidback you are toward contributing to transforming the political landscape in this country eventhough you claim to be very knowledgeable.Second, the title of your write up clearly lacks logical connection with the body of your message in that your inability to clearly state whether you had problems with the personality of Ashiwaju Bola A. Tinubu, state governors of the ACN or the party itself. I was very quick and excited to read your piece but was disconsolate to realize it fell short of what I expected from you. The fact is, there’s much to gain when you crystallize problems with intention of driving at a point. Yours’ is however a reversed case, because you have shown to many individuals like myself, who looked up to your capabilities and prowess at changing the socio-political milieu of this country, that being a plroific writer doesn’t make a transformational leader.Third, I acknowledge the fact that during the course of several campaign rallies for the just concluded guber-election in Ondo state, inciting, unfriendly, vulgar, and obnoxious statements were made by individuals of repute and caliber. Please note that this act cuts across board. Leaders of the various political parties slandered and defamed their personalities for cheap political gains. It’s left for our generation to decide on whether or not to adopt a more civil approach in politicking.Fourth, what happened in Ondo state clearly shows that democracy has come to stay in Nigeria. Nigerians are more aware, engaged and committed towards sustaining virtues of democracy, which is very laudable. For me, the outcome of the poll in Ondo is indeed the ‘beauty of democracy’. Democracy is more about an open-ended approach to development, good governance; higher living standards et al. political parties are vehicles to specific destinations, its left for people to decide what vehicle they desire.Fifth, yes indeed, the ACN came in with so much vibes and many hoping that the party would drive us to our desired destination. Well, it’s apt for me to state that even though we ain’t there yet, the party hasn’t fallen below expectations. As a matter of fact, considering the political terrain in Nigeria and the arch dominance and rivalry of a party like the PDP, the ACN has done fairly well. There’s no perfect system anywhere in the world; the ACN is well aware of her fundamental challenges and working toward correcting them.Sixth, I unequivocally and clearly condemn your statement “…as Nigerians ponder the absence of a credible alternative in our politics at the moment” – very laughable! This clearly shows you are not engaged, yet you are very quick to condemn. Dear Hauwa Gambo there are over thirty (30) political parties in Nigeria; yet you say absence of a credible alt? My very candid advice for you is identify yourself with one of these and contribute to developing our country by deploying your God given talents and other resources available to you.Finally, please whittle down on your Nihilistic approach and be more objective in your writings.

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