Dont Mix it Up! – See 7 differences between a serious relationship and a fling

No new couple is really sure of where their relationship will lead to till after dating for sometime, then you’ll be sure if your it’s going to be long-term or not.

Sometimes early in a relationship you may be sure your partner is in for the long haul while your partner simply sees it as just a fling. So how can you tell your relationship is serious or just a bit of amusement for your partner?

Alison Bryant of All Women Stalk lists a few differences from a woman’s point of view:

He makes seeing you a priority: It’s fine for a couple to spend time apart, in fact it’s healthy for you to have your own interests. But your #partner should make seeing you a priority at least some of the time. If he’d always rather see a game with his friends than go out with you, then he’s really not that enthused about seeing you – and it’s possible that he’s just using you to pass the #time.
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