Davido IS AFRAID to release his album

Two-time MTV MAMA Best Male Act winner Davido was supposed to drop his highly anticipated sophomore album today August 10, 2015 but again, he’s postponed the release.

And tongues are wagging everywhere.
Here are 5 reasons we think Davido must have postponed the release at the last minute.

The rivalry with Wizkid tops the list. With Wizkid hoping to drop his 3 album in September, Davido must be pushing for a competition of some sort, with hopes both releases could coincide. No?

Last week, Davido was spotted partying with American rapper, Future which made tongues wag over a possible collaboration between both acts. We think Davido could have postponed the album release to accommodate a collabo with Ciara’s baby daddy or any other International guest act. In July, Drake and London rapper, Skepta jumped on Wizkid’s Ojuelegba. We believe again this must have made Davido return to the drawing board as the song has been rated higher than his collabo with Meek Mill.

An industry insider tells NET ‘It is obvious the album wasn’t ready even after he announced the initial release date. First, Davido’s camp hasn’t released a track listing and there is no plan for an album listening party like it is the norm in the industry.’

Is Davido scared?
Or can you think of any other reasons the HKN leader is holding back?
The album was initially billed to drop on June 8, before the postponement. Last weekend’s announcement makes it the second time he’s letting fans down.

But everyone agrees: Wizkid takes the crown when the topic is postponements and disappointments.

Don’t be surprised if none of them give us a body of work this year!


  • Omo Baba OLowu is not afraid of releasing his #ALBUm but wants the right time to release it. And anyone who rated Wizkid’s #OjuelegBA_Remix Greater than Davido’s #fANs_Mi?

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