daddy Freeze shows picture of himself kissing Basketmouth’s wife

Daddy Freeze has taken his rivalry with Basketmouth to a messy level by involving the comedian’s wife, Elsie Okpocha.

Yesterday, the CoolFM presenter shared an intimate throwback photo of him and Elsie Okpocha. “I had lots of hair before I started balding, LOL,” he captioned the photo.

While many fans scratched their heads in confusion and wondered why the media personality would dig up an old photo of himself and the now-married Elsie Okpocha, a few believed it is his response to a supposed shade targeted at him by Basketmouth’s bestie, the comedian Bovi.

Bovi shared a caricature meme mocking a cat pretending to be a lion, and he captioned it ‘Freeze’. And in the comment session, Elsie Okpocha joined fans in making bants over the presumed shade.

See Bovi’s post and Elsie’s reaction:

And here’s Freeze’s presumed reply where he noted he is Lucious Lyon, the character from TV series ‘Empire’. “Someone said I looked like Lucious Lyon,” Daddy Freeze drove his sub home.

*Note that the animal lion plays an important role in the TV character’s life*

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