How to create a great atmosphere in your bedroom

We believe you noticed this thing: there are bedrooms, where you love to be at any time, the soul and the body is completely relaxed there, but there are also other rooms, where the furnishings are oppressing and off-putting, so there is a desire to quickly change the visual impression. In this post we will try to figure out what criteria can influence the impression about your bedroom, and what tricks can help you to significantly improve it.

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Choose warm colors

Color scheme of your bedroom is a key to success of all its interior design, because different hues can be percept differently, which means that it can have both positive and negative effects.

When choosing colors for your bedroom, you should know that there are colors, which form similar emotional perception.

For all people, red color associates with power, passion and warmth. Blue associates with trust and serenity.

Try to mix these two powerful colors and you will get an amazing violet. Using this color in your bedroom you can create a special, right and beautiful atmosphere. You can also pay attention to other “berry” colors, maroon and wine shades, as well as salmon, ivory, cinnamon because these tones evoke the feeling of coziness, comfort, warmth and tranquility.

Choose natural materials

Choose materials that are pleasant to the touch. These are often natural materials, such as: wood, cotton, wool, fur.

Thus, when it comes to flooring, it is better to choose wood (parquet, for example). For walls you can choose a wallpaper or simple painting into a neutral tone. You can make some accents using different textures, for example: choose bras with wood base and textile abjure, wool carpet, fur cover, velvet puffs near the bed.

Choose wood with mirror inserts, or metal ones for your cabinet, instead of plastic facades. This way, your bedroom will get a more natural look.

Hopefully, these ideas were somehow helpful for you. Now you know how to create the best place to sleep.



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