Commotion As Kwara-Oyo Bridge Collapses Again

– Economic and social activities of residents of Kwara and Oyo states were on Wednesday, October 2 grounded following the collapse of Moro bridge on llorin-lgbeti highway linking the two states

– The Kwara state assembly called on the governor to put palliative measures in place before the reconstruction by the Federal Government

Pandemonium struck Kwara and Oyo state when the major bridge that joins the two places together collapsed on Tuesday, October 1.


The Moro bridge on llorin-lgbeti highway linked the two states and its collapse has slowed down economic and social activities of the residents.

The member representing Owode-Onire constituency, where the collapsed bridge is located, Abdullahi Taiwo informed the Kwara State House of Assembly of the collapsed bridge on Wednesday, October 2 just a day after the incident.

Taiwo, who spoke urgently, said the collapsed bridge had made transportation of farm produce to llorin, the state capital, difficult.
He stressed the need for urgent construction of the bridge, in view of its importance for transportation of food items and passengers from Oyo state and neighbouring Republic of Benin.

Members, who contributed to the debate including the leader, stressed the significance of the collapsed bridge which was reconstructed with corrugated iron several years ago by the military engineering corps.

Deputy speaker Mathew Okedare, who presided over the plenary, while reading the resolution of the assembly, directed its committee on energy, works, and transport to liaise with the Federal Ministry of Works on the reconstruction of the bridge.

The assembly called on the Kwara governor to put palliative measures in place before the reconstruction by the Federal Government.

The Federal Controller of Works in Kwara, Omotayo Awosanya, said the federal government had advertised the construction of both the Moro and Ohan bridges.

Meanwhile in Lagos, the challenge of a modern infrastructure has made the construction of the 4th mainland bridge a priority. This is because the current infrastructures on ground are becoming old and are not sufficient for the booming population of the Southwest state.


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