Chris Brown Security Guard Accused Of Beating Woman At Las Vegas Party

chris_brown_squareChris Brown’s security has been accused of beating a woman at a Las Vegas party.

Brown was in Vegas over the weekend for a Halloween bash at Drai’s nightclub on Saturday. On Sunday, however, he allegedly hosted a private party at the Palm Casinos Resort, where attendees were required to hand their phones over to security upon entering. A 28-year-old insurance agent named Jakaria is now claiming the trouble began when she went to retrieve her two devices

The woman alleges that security thought she was attempting to steal someone else’s phone when she tried to pick up her own two, leading one guard to grab her by the hair and violently shake her around until she ended up on the floor. Jakaria claims the security member actually went to step on her until someone stopped him.

It’s not clear if she ever did get both her phones, but Jakaria tells TMZ she felt so ill upon returning home, she called an ambulance. At a local hospital, doctors diagnosed her with whiplash, and police took a battery report.

The incident sounds reminiscent of another recent situation, in a which a woman claimed she was violently thrown off Brown’s tour bus and had her phone smashed when she wouldn’t surrender it to security. Police ultimately declined to pursue the case due to a lack of evidence. Then, just as now, Brown himself was not personally accused of any wrongdoing

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