Checkout 7 Things Every Woman Does Before Having $ex


Take away the spontaneous $ex that happens once in a while and are mostly far between, women tend to have a lot of pre-$ex rituals they undergo to prime their minds and bodies up for lovemaking. The spontaneity that comes with ripping off her clothes with pa$$ion and zeal is one everyone wants to experience without being bothered about certain things but it doesn’t always happen. Women oftentimes enjoy doing certain things that have become norms before $ex which a lot of them would fail to admit to you.

Dress Up In A $exy Lingerie They Hardly Ever Use
Women tend to have that one $exy lingerie they have hidden in their wardrobes which only comes out for the special $ex occasion. Though it does come with the occasional struggle of the right time to put it on.

Shave Off The Pubic Hair
There’s a chance your woman wants to be well and cleanly shaved both under her armpits and down there. She definitely wants to prepare a smooth ground for you.

Clean And Tidy Up Her Room In A Hurry
Because there’s a little bit of spontaneity in the air, she might be in a hurry to make her room appear clean and tidy. A cursory look at her wardrobe might make you see the mess she quickly cleaned up. And of course, the bed would be left at its best.

Inspect Herself Down There
She surely know that her vulva and clitoris would look the same as it has always been but she still doesn’t want to be caught by surprise since you’d be going down there. She wants to be sure no unpleasant surprises come up.

Getting Her Lower Extremity Smelling Nice And Fresh
When you go down on her, you’d probably love her for smelling all nice and fresh. Thank her for prepping herself up for $ex as she most likely used deodorants, sprays and douches to keep herself clean and fresh. She actually put in a bit of effort despite how sensitive those parts her to make you and of course, herself happy.

Prepare a $ex Playlist
Because a lot of women are romantic and they wouldn’t want their moans and groans to be heard by neighbours, she’d probably prepare a $exual playlist to increase the intensity of your make out.

Talk To Herself In Front Of The Mirror
Whether she’s peeing in the bathroom or brushing her teeth before you come over, she would stare at the mirror to rea$$ure herself she’s doing the right thing.

Empty Her Bladder
She’d definitely want to get all the fluids in her bladder out in order to avoid any accidental squirting.

Check To Ensure Her Pills Are In Place
No matter how meticulous she is, if she’s having unprotected $ex with you, she’d probably make sure that her pills are in place and up to date. Either she does this or she ensures she falls within the right time of her menstrual cycle.

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