BBC Lists Out The Most Common Bad ‘Unruly’ Behaviours Displayed By Nigerians

According to a BBC article published today, Nigerians are one of the most unruly sets of human beings around.

BBC Lists Out The Most Common Bad ‘Unruly’ Behaviours Displayed By Nigerians

As the article goes, here are the most common bad behaviour exhibited by Nigerians:

The Nigerians who will never stand in any queue, who must make their way to the front as soon as they arrive

The drivers who will never stop at a traffic light, who consider it anathema to allow an empty space in front of their vehicles

The invisible individuals who excrete piles of solid waste on the pavements, night after night
   The staff who take three weeks’ leave to attend their father’s burial, then another three weeks later in the year to attend their father’s burial, again. “That first one was my father who paid my school fees,” they say. “This one is my biological father”

BBC Lists Out The Most Common Bad ‘Unruly’ Behaviours Displayed By Nigerians
Nigerians are notorious for illegal electricity connection. Can this happen in London?

The mothers who threaten the head teacher with fire and brimstone because their children were punished for coming late to school

bosses who, in the presence of their entire staff, praise you for your
excellent work skills, then wink and ask if you also have excellent
“bedroom skills”, while everyone present bursts out laughing

top government officials who show off their importance by the number of
people jam-packed into their waiting rooms. They give you an
appointment for 7am, knowing full well that they do not intend to see
you until 10pm

The air hostesses who frown throughout the flight, to avoid giving you the false impression that they are at your beck and call

“big men” and “big women” who scream “Do you know who I am?” when you
ask for some identity before they can be allowed through the gate
Those who ring the airline to request that the flight be delayed for their sakes, while their fellow passengers gaze out of the aeroplane windows for an hour, wondering why the flight is delayed, this time

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