Bang On Reasons Why He Is Not Asking You To Marry Him

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After being in a relationship with a guy for a long time, you might wonder what is keeping him from asking you to pop the question about marriage. This can leave many doubts in your mind. Is it you, something you did or said, does he want to call it quits or what? It can be a very stressing matter, and all this worrying can take a toll over your otherwise normal life.

So, to avoid getting your stress levels high, we get you a list of reasons for this delay, and how you should handle it.

#1. He is scared to commit
Most men dread the word ‘commitment’. To them, it means being restricted from all the pleasures of life, and an end to their freedom. Making him understand that not much will change after marriage, can be a good way to get him out of the commitment phobia.

#2. He is waiting for his parents approval
If he is a family guy, he might not want to go against the wishes of his parents. He might be planning to set up a meeting or something to introduce you to them.

#3. He wants to enjoy his bachelorhood for some more time
Well, don’t they all? They might fail to understand that no time will ever be enough. But, you just hang in there for a little more time. If he still does not, then you must have a word with him regarding this!

#4. Responsibility scares him
Being responsible for someone else, when he still needs someone to pick up after him scares him. Making him understand that you two are in it together and will work as a team, might calm him down.

#5. He still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend
Have you noticed him talking about his past girlfriend quite often? That might be what is holding him back. It is thus adviced to be cautious.

#6. He has to wait for his elder sibling to be engaged first

#7. He feels he might lose you if you say no

He might not be sure whether you are ready to take the plunge or not. Leave him hints that this is what you want to. If he catches them right, you might have a ring waiting for you at the dinner table tonight!

#8. He is in love with somebody else but cannot recognise his feelings

It might not be his ex-girlfriend, but someone else. You should be the smarter one here to identify his feelings, and leave him before you end up getting hurt.

#9. He is just being lazy
He knows in his mind that he wants to spend the rest of his

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