AY Visits Mercy Johnson-okojie On Set (photo)

Comedian AY shared this photo with the caption:

“aycomedianI had to pay d diva @mercyjohnsonokojie a visit on set today… #gettingreadyforwork #30daysinatlanta2 loading”

AY Visits Mercy Johnson-okojie On Set (photo)

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  • Hi Kevin, my thoughts on your last post also:On a side note if brerdees want to use shows to sell surplus stock perhaps they should review their breeding management strategy because they are obviously producing more individuals than they need. If they are breeding too many intentionally to sell then they are obviously not ‘hobbysts’ but commercial brerdees and traders.Perhaps you are unaware of the hobbyists that have worked long and hard to succesfully keep and breed many reptiles that used to be wild caught’ to enable this country (and other of course) to be relatively well sufficient in obtaining captive bred’ stock instead of having to continue with wild caught stock. Consider how no pythons are allowed to be removed from Australia, yet as a captive bred species, they are very popular in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, as well as America.You may also wish to google how it was reptile hobbyists that obtained a few of what was considered for a long while to be extinct species of Crested Gecko in the 90 s and succesfully maintained and bred these in captivity so that they are now a firm favourite of many a hobbyist and petkeeper?

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