Adele’s “Hello” Is Now World’s Fastest Selling Single In 18 years


Adele’s “Hello” after breaking the Vevo record of most viewed song in 24 hours on Youtube, has broken yet another record, this time its the record of becoming the fastest selling record in 18 years.

Adele sold four hundred and eighty thousand digital copies of the song in America in just three weeks.

Her song becomes the first song to top four hundred thousand sales since the release of Elton John’s Candle in the Wind, in 1997, which was a tribute to the late Princess Diana, this makes Adele’s song the fastest selling in 18 years.

Adele jokingly likened this massive success of her song to Kim Kardashian’s controversial shoot that broke the internet. During an interview with stalk.com,Adele said: “I did a Kim Kardashian. Thank God it wasn’t with my a**. It would’ve actually broke the Internet if it was my bum!”

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