A shocking incident has resulted in the death of an innocent baby as she was dragged on the road after falling off her mother’s back.

A commercial bus driver has crushed an infant baby to death in Makurdi, Benue State and her mother serious;y injured while waiting to collect her N150 balance.

According to Idoma Voice, the shocking incident happened along Makurdi-Gboko expressway on Wednesday at about 9p.m.

Narrating how the incident happened, the father of the deceased baby who simply gave his name as Anuum revealed that the mother of child had boarded the vehicle, alongside her baby, from the second gate of the Benue State University (BSU) to Coca-Cola junction located along the highway.

After giving the bus conductor N200 for N150 balance, the conductor refused. As the driver was about speeding off, the woman grabbed the conductor forcing the baby to fall off and dragged on the road.

“The mother and her child, who she carried at her back, were the remaining passengers in the bus. The conductor did not want to give her the change and they drove off, in the process she grabbed the conductor that was already on the moving vehicle, with her baby at the back and she lost balance, fell down and was dragged on the road till the baby fell off from her back, in between the back wheels and was smashed, died instantly and the driver and the conductor drove off,” Anuum said.

The shocking incident drew the attention of sympathizers who thronged to the place to catch a glimpse.

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