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Even when they can read the Holy Bible, to know what is expected of them, many shy away from studying the sacred book.

Many substitute their pastors for God, they discuss all their lives with them and believe whatever they say. Here are 8 things God doesn’t expect from you, but your pastors ask you about:

1. Your car
Some pastors choose their members based on their assets like their cars but God will not ask what kind of car you drive. He might, however, ask you, how many people you have given a lift, who didn’t have a means of transportation. This is because he is more interested in humanity.

2. Your house
You have to be very careful once your pastor asks you about how beautiful your house is, or what kind of house you live in. God is not interested in the square footage of your house.
He will instead ask you how many people you welcomed into your home wholeheartedly.

3. Your clothes
Lately, some people dress to church to oppress others or to be noticed by all.
Their pastors won’t remind them that God will not ask about the clothes you had in your closet but how many you helped to clothe.

4. Your salary
Some pastors are more interested in how much you earn than your salvation.
Pastors ask their members how much they earn just to be able to extort money from them.
God wants you to know that you should never copromise your character to obtain even the highest salary.
5. Your job
If you visit your pastor for counselling, he will stylishly ask where you work.
But God will never ask what your job title is; he’ll ask if you performed your job to the best of your ability.
6. Your friends
Your pastors on Sundays will tell you to make friends before leaving the church without telling you friendship is beyond
just “hello”.
Your pastors could ask how many friends you have but God will ask how many people to whom you were really a friend.
7. Your neighborhood
Some pastors could judge members of their congregation by their environment.
They forget that God won’t ask in what neighborhood you lived but how you treated your neighbors.
8. Your race
Some pastors unintentionally could be partial because of your skin color.
They forget that salvation is not about the color of your skin but God is interested in the content of your character to his service.

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