7 Ways To Avoid Davido vs Sophia Kind Of Public Heartbreak In 2016

This piece is till eternity not Only 2016. Now let get to business

In case you haven’t heard, the biggest story on Nigeria’s cyberspace in the past couple of hours has been this episode of theirs. While I am not interested in who was/is right or wrong as I do not have all he fact, neither am I in a position to even try to apportion any blame, my real concern is that there are many other pathetic stories of countless women/men whose child(ren) was/were forcefully taken from them by richer, more powerful and more connected estranged ex husband or ex wife. For those unfortunate, unconnected ones, no one is talking about their predicaments.

I once heard of a case where the husband retrieved the children from school without their mother’s consent and flew them to South Africa; the distraught mother, left with only one child, could only haplessly look on. About 7 years after, the other 3 children have yet to return, the complicated court system in Nigeria couldn’t help matters. Lawyers, human rights activists, NGOs, volunteers etc. can be of help, a great deal, to countless women and men in this area.

As we enter the new year, what measures can you take as a young man or woman to avoid such future heartbreaks for yourself and your loved ones? Here are seven simple steps:

1- Inculcate the right values and stay true to them;
2- Don’t be in a hurry to get rich quick;
3- Don’t be in a rush to be married;
4- Before entering into a relationship, “shine your eyes well”. As much as humanly possible, know (in advance) what exactly what you are getting yourself into;
5- Know when to call it quit with a disoriented or an abusive relationship/marriage;
6- For those who are asexually active, ALWAYS use a condom; it not only saves you from unwanted pregnancies and STDs, it also saves you from heartbreaks such as theirs; and
7- When you slip, mess up or act indiscreetly (like we all do sometimes, after all, we are but human), PLEASE, don’t sweep it under the rug only for it to linger on or re-appear 10, 20, 30 years down the line. Be courageous and wise enough to admit your indiscretion and make efforts to clear your mess before it degenerates into a disgraceful public spat as theirs.

Finally, I hope Davido and Sophia, at least for the sake of their baby, Imade, can amicably resolve this impasse and find a way forward.

And to everyone, I say, Happy new year 2016 in advance (it’s barely 12 more hours to go)…
A toast to your success.

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